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New Classic Wedding Invitations - Custom Letterpress

I have been obsessing over these all week!  It is a beautiful, rewarding feeling when I can combine my favorite mediums into one stunning project.  These have the WOW that inspired me to start my business!  Swoon!

I began with a vision from the bride that was classy and unique- square invites with modern script, and traditional serif block lettering.  I love this kind of design because I can pull a really deep impression, and the charm of letterpress has the opportunity to shine.


Wanting to do something special for the envelope liners, I painted a loose, watercolor floral piece, and desaturated it on the computer to match the classic grays.


What a lovely surprise to open an envelope and find!  The pieces stacked beautifully inside.


I couldn't be happier with the finished set!  It is seriously everything I love about boutique stationery in one small, 5.75" square package.   I imagine the bride recieves a huge response!


Thank you for reading!  Feel free to message me if you are interested in some of your own custom letterpress!