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Jingle Bash 2014

A few days have passed now, and my after-show buzz is still going strong. Jingle Bash was a very personal victory. I have been sharing art and words online for months, but it took much more courage for me to stand beside other great artists and present my work without the blurry shroud of the online experience to protect my feelings. I have an innate fear of rejection, and this was the day to debut my new direction. Stresses from countless hours preparing and dreaming, and late nights, up with worry, seemed to physically dissolve as I watched my creative vision translating on so many faces. I am reinvigorated. My parents and sister took great care of my daughter for an entire week while I finalized designs and produced inventory. I can honestly say I would not have finished if I had to trade my sleep in order to wear my mom hat, too. The real unsung hero of this story is my husband. I can always count on him to believe in me, even if I feel undeserving. Late nights working were best spent with his support, offering his heart by packaging and paper shaping long after he should have gone to bed.

Risk is so necessary. "Don't be afraid to shine" is my current daily affirmation. Rising to opportunity begets more opportunity. Several people asked where my physical store was located. Hmmm, now that is certainly something to dream about.

Forgive the dark photos, please.  We were so busy, I never had a chance to pull out the big camera.