The invitations printed beautifully on pearl lettra with warm yellow ink.  We paired them with unassuming square flap Kraft colored envelopes, and finished the look with rounded corners to compliment the circular graphic.

These sweet girls had a zoo themed fourth birthday party last month.  I sketched on ideas for a couple of weeks, and came to this playful and classic circle of animal silhouettes.  The color palette was a sophisticated gold, cream, and pale green, so I wanted these to be modern and simple.

I was able to use the same plates from the invitations to print covers to create coloring book favors, also.  After folding and binding this great, FREE animal coloring book printable from National Geographic, I brought the pieces together and trimmed for perfect edges.

I am told the invitations were talked about for weeks, and I hope they are remembered for years to come.  I love being a part of events that bring loved ones together.