I’m not one of those New Year’s resolution haters. To me, it is inspiring that once a year everyone collectively tries to better themselves. Even if it doesn’t stick, the self reflection is important. We stare habit straight in the eyes and say “I want to try something different.” I have big dreams for 2018. Big, crazy, self-validated dreams.

For my family, 2017 was a weird cocktail of political anxiety and baby milestones. Uncertainty puts an interesting filter on life, a silent gratitude. But, fear based anything is not a endurable energy in the long term, it will deplete you, or defeat you before you even try.

So, my resolution this year is to believe in magic. I know that sounds silly, there is probably a better way to describe my thoughts. Let me tell you a story instead.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, interviewed a poet and shared this story in her 2009 TED Talk, and again in her 2015 book Big Magic. The poet grew up on a family farm and spent a lot of time in nature, working the fields. She claimed that she always felt a poem coming on, that it would thunder across the landscape towards her. She would race back to the house to get to a pen and piece of paper so that when the poem stormed though, she could capture it and transcribe it on paper. Sometimes, she wouldn’t make it in time to catch the poem, so she believed it kept going until it found another available poet. Check out the video for a much better telling of this story, it’s worth the 18 minutes.

This is the magic I am talking about. The electric tingle and intoxicating impulse when you are struck by inspiration that could drive a woman to race an idea storm. The enchantment and mystery of a project that calls you to work late into the night because you just can’t stop. The moment you have when you are finished, and immediately wonder how that happened. That’s the magic I am talking about. I want more of that in 2018.