I just spent 40 minutes on a AA battery hunt for my wireless mouse. How is it, that in 28 years of life, I haven’t found the proper home to store batteries? Why did I find fifteen D batteries, and there is nothing in the house that even requires D batteries? Does anyone need 15 D batteries? That’s not rhetorical, I will mail them. I finally gave up my search and stole a corded mouse from another computer before I lost my train of thought. It didn’t work. Now, all I can think about is how much I hate batteries. They make me feel like part of the problem. Such a unnecessary indulgence, to have a mouse with no cord. Does it really improve my life enough to reconcile the use of batteries? The rain is tapping on the tin roof over the carport, like my own private applause. My studio is a dream come true. It is easy to take for granted when you are caught up in the bustle of deadlines and requirement. If it were just a few degrees colder in here, I would consider turning on the heater. Once April arrives, we draw the line on heater usage. This is Texas after all, I’ll be missing the sting of the cold in a few days, I'm sure. Fuzzy socks and hot coffee are my kind of heaven.

I am the only one awake right now. The house is mine for a few more minutes, and

my thoughts are loud this morning.