This is not my typical morning. I have yet to be clobbered by a dog, or harassed by a toddler who insists on watching Bubble Guppies. I am actually naked in a fancy hotel room, thinking about ordering waffles. I had strange dreams last night, probably a product of the smorgasbord we called to the room at 9pm. It was the best burger of my life, pink and juicy with bacon, diced tomatoes and some incredible manifestation of aioli. Perhaps it was the wine and the surprise hotel stay, complete with babysitter, that made the perfect scenario to enjoy a burger of that caliber. I followed dinner with a soak in the tub that lasted for at least an hour. That might be longer than I have spent bathing in the previous month cumulatively.

We didn't turn on the TV. We enjoyed the silence and talked to each other. No interruptions by a two year old's need for cheese/mook/paci/cookie/puppy/Mickey/cover/diaper/etc. I warned him that nights like these are how we ended up with a darling baby in the first place. He just laughed. I've obviously fallen perfectly into his well conceived plot. It is wonderful to feel love. We fall asleep with warm bellies and butterflies.

My heart aches when I realize that the sound that pulls me from sleep are leftover sniffles from a secret moment in the bathroom. Today would have been his mother's fifty ninth birthday. I love him all the more, and as he's leaving for work, I think of how I can make him smile when he gets home.

Maybe I will skip waffles, and surprise my daughter with chicken minis. She loves those, and naked in a hotel room is suddenly a lonely place to be.