I am Katrina, printer, painter, dream and child chaser.

Rhapsody Letterpress is creative studio focused on detail craftsmanship and color. Messy hand mixed inks and paints, quality paper, and years of experience come together to create unique, timeless invitations. I believe in kindness, gratitude, and big dreams.

The allure of letterpress is in the charm and authenticity of the impression. We have these amazing old machines left from an age of handmade quality, and, as a culture, we long for the opportunity to have something spectacularly tactile. Beautiful penmanship and craftsmanship still have a place in our world, and it's a place of esteem. Our most special occasions, and our most important announcements become our dearest memories. Reflecting this on paper with creative correspondence allows us to share these significant events with those we love, and creates timeless mementos for us to cherish.

My Plano, Texas based studio houses a Chandler & Price letterpress made in 1897, and an automated Kluge letterpress from the 1940s. The unsung hero of every print shop is a quality cutter, and we run a 1960s model professional Challenge paper cutter. We work with sustainable materials- recyclable photopolymer plates, lush cotton papers, eco-friendly press wash, and soy based inks. Letterpress is an art form all its own, and it gives me butterflies to see my art reproduced with a deep, crisp impression. I design and print for the "wow" as someone opens their envelope.

I have been doing this for ten years, and find so much fulfillment in keeping this art form alive.
If you'd like to see more from Rhapsody Letterpress follow me on Instagram (@rhapsodyletterpress) to see what I am painting/printing today!

Other places you can find me on the web:

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