Thanks for checking out my site! I'm Katrina, the one-woman show behind Curious & Fanciful.

My day is a quaint adventure in art and family, and finding balance within the two. I am a researcher, and collector of crafts. Antiquated practices and technologies absolutely fascinate me. I am searching for all of the lost arts, in a way. I run a bespoke letterpress printing business, and have recently designed an indie textile collection on Spoonflower. I am a recovering social media addict. I love reading, drawing, and journaling. My goal is to provide for my family through a creative lifestyle, and to inspire others to follow their own hearts. I believe in kindness, big dreams, and gratitude.

Somewhat often, I find myself making a metaphor of my life to juggling. Each of my responsibilities is a ball: running a business, being a good mother, keeping up the house, dedicating time to journaling or sketching, maintaining an online presence, being a good friend, focusing on my health, etc. I am really confident in my ability to juggle three or four metaphorical balls at one time. Is this the life of the modern woman? It is no wonder we are all exhausted! It requires a surprising resilience to allow some balls to fall, to be picked up later.

"Rules" have been turned on their side for this blog. There are a million other great reads that keep a steady pace of daily posts to hold viewers' attention. While I have grand visions of this type of readership, I really only want one focus here (and throughout my life, actually). Truth. Occasionally writing about something that burns in my heart is much more valuable than writing every day about whatever I think people want to read. Are we not inundated and overstimulated by endless, seemingly perfect people - creating, and mothering, and instagramming their almost realistic, lovely, edited, magazine worthy brands? I certainly am. I can't compete with perfect, that's not my niche. Honest, helpful and clever, though, I can definitely contribute.